Corita 100 

To celebrate the 100th birthday party of the late artist and educator Corita Kent, I collaborated with the Corita Art Center to make a commemorative T-shirt for the event.


All materials where sourced in Los Angeles where Corita taught and lived. She took great inspiration from the local signage and advertising, a central theme of the design process.

Vlad sized

Materials were sourced in Los Angeles, but produced in Seattle where I live. I worked with a small team to create each shirt.


Pictured here is "The Work Shirt." Corita taught the importance of work and play as being a core part of any creative process. We used the shirt as a medium to share this message and her artwork. The sleeves were made with discarded button down shirts, referencing "work" while discarded T-shirts from Los Angeles referenced "play."  Printed on the back is her famous piece "Love is Hardwork."

Corita 100 size 2

I flew down to Los Angeles for the event and set up a retail experience inside the Corita 100 event. All proceeds to the Corita Art Center.


"The Work Shirt" photographed by fashion photographer Iris Humm.

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