Collaborations > Strike Movement x Turf Feinz

Brand collaboration with local dance crew showcases product and local street culture

San Francisco, California


The collaboration between Oakland born street dance troupe the Turf Feinz, athletic/movement apparel brand STR/KE MVMNT was my attempt to use a brand as a platform to nourish community and facilitate critical thinking.

The motivation for this project was rooted in gentrification in San Francisco and what I call junk food marketing, separate topics that have some parallels.

Junk food marketing is a term I use to describe a plethora of issues I view in the marketing world as somewhat toxic and anti human.

With my creative direction and the help of choreographer, Nkechi Njaka, the Turf Feinz rehearsed and performed in Strike's San Francisco location with the aim of educating and supporting community through dance performance and local culture.

Getting to know each other. Here Nkechi walks the team through a guided meditation before rehearsal.

It was important to me that practice was held in store, being an athletic/movement apparel brand, I thought filling the space with movement would bring the space to life in a way that aligned with the brands mantra “United by Motion.”

As we neared performance time, we started to do dress rehearsals. 

We amped up promo via social media. I wanted to keep the imagery simple. The photos were accompanied by a quote from each dancer about their relationship to dance and movement.

The only girl in the crew, known as Turfer Girl.

One dress rehearsal we decided to see what it felt like to stray from the choreography and let them improvise as a team. We decided that would be the best way to close out the show and became a part of the performance!

The tail end of the big night! Forever proud and supportive of my Turf family.

It was a great collaborative experience, I was able to apply some of my ideas and proposed solutions regarding content creation and community fostering. I feel grateful and humbled by the process and opportunity.