Collaborations > Strike Movement x Hotel Brummel

Brand collaboration with boutique hotel introduces brand to the Spanish market in a fresh way 

Barcelona, Spain


The collaboration between Barcelona boutique hotel, Hotel Brummell, and Vancouver-based athletic apparel brand, STR/KE MVMNT, introduced STR/KE to the Spanish market in a multifaceted campaign focused on a “movement brand” on the move.

The six-week long collaboration included a hotel-hosted popup, a launch party showcasing local food brands, a series of citywide events and fresh, local culture-based content.

Pulling off an international popup was challenging! Lucky for me, I had the good fortune of working with the very cooperative team at Hotel Brummell.

I worked with local interior designer, Leire Rodriguez, to find sense amidst the chaos and create a pleasant shopping experience for the month-long installation.

For the opening party, I hung a pair of gymnastics rings to reinforce the movement theme. Pictured is Barcino Brewer owner, James Bligh, friend and booze supplier. He asked me to teach him a muscle up.

Drinks from local brewery, Barcino Brewers. Food from local gastropopup and pantry goods maker, Rooftop Smokehouse.

DJ Lito brought the tunes. The backyard terrace was a beautiful setting for party and hotel guests.

The idea was to get guests trying new things. Like rings. Start them young!

During my time with STR/KE in Barcelona, I did not sit still. I made my way into many different movement circles and did mini pop ups at events and gyms throughout the city. Pictured is our collaboration with the Hotel Brummell’s weekly running club.

As the brand made its way into the hands of the locals, I wanted to capture the brand “on the move” in its new environment. Social media posts shared stories of Barcelona movers in places that felt in character of day-to-day city life.

It was important to get the brand into hands of people that embodied the brand’s “United By Motion” message...

Pictured is Spanish model and yoga instructor, Veronica Blume, dropping in to pick up some gear. She runs The Garage, the yoga studio at Hotel Brummell.

In the months leading up to the project and throughout the six-week long popup, I played many roles: visionary, strategist, freight forwarding liaison, merchandising, operations and marketing.

Pulling all this off could not have happened without the STR/KE MVMNT and Hotel Brummell teams, plus the wide array of international talent that pitched in along the way. Vision alone can’t get this shit done. Not in another country, at least. Thanks to all for adding your bit of you to the project!